Monday, 11 January 2010

Reading with Toddlers

Never underestimate a toddlers knowledge. They are like sponges continually absorbing everything around them and absorbing information is no exception.
"Read to your toddler" is what Childcare Professional tell us. "Read for at least 15 minutes a day."

I agree with what they say, but I also believe they should be encouraging parents and guardians to read themselves, setting examples to children. Children learn by association, so by seeing parents and guardian read ignites their own desire to follow suit. Naturally, this will create an enjoyable experience and environment for both parents and children.

Make colourful book bags for children and hang on the wall. Contrary to what some may say, you can never have too many books for children. The more variety of books for there are at home, the more stimulating the reading sessions. At fifteen months, my daughter was so engaged in reading and would pick up books more than ten times in the day!
Reading with your toddler, ensures a positive and expressive toddler. However it is important to maintain this activity throughout their young lives, including school. I dread to think how her life would be without a keen interest in books!

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