Sunday, 11 October 2009

Don't Blame Others!

Over the years, I can't remember how much money I have lost through lending, borrowing, business transactions and just general frivolity. However, I do know that with all my "lost"money I could walk into an estate agent and slap down cash to buy a semi-detached in today's prices!
Unfortunately, this will not happen, because the past is the past. Gone. Disappeared and never to come back again. I used to cry buckets, but guess what? I never came out of my "woe is me" pit. I remained there, until I decided it was time to dry my eyes and move on.

And move on I did.
I gave myself a little of my own advice, but feel free to take my advice if you want.

Never hold anyone accountable as to why your life is minus positive. YOU only have yourself to blame. (Remember, I am still talking about me that was, way back then!).
Never have any regrets. NEVER