Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Feel the Fear, then let it go!

I must admit, I am feeling very assured with the way my life is going. Living faith, coupled with action. I am now conquering those inner fears that sometimes draw too close to the surface and last too long for my liking.
I had an interesting conversation with a mom from my daughter's nursery. She said, "Fear and anxiety needs to be embraced and one should walk along side them - knowing they are there and can spring up at any time" Now I find that concept just a little disturbing. Why would anyone want to walk with destructive emotions lurking in the background? Fear, I said needs to be stamped out with revolt and not to be accepted at all. If I am to accept that fear can come at any time, it means that I do not believe in what the Creator can do for me. It also means that I do not believe in what I can do for myself.

Another topic came into conversation: I have been feeling very confident, assured and positive these last few weeks. This mom who compares her profession to that of a life coach, said it was not possible to remain happy. At some stage, I will fall from grace (how nice!). And I must expect it. I have to add, I am not in a state of euphoria and I am not on a high, natural or otherwise. I am simply taking control of my life because I do not want the complexities of life to control me. I know problems will come and go, because that is life as we know it. I am also learning not to dwell on a problem, but instead look to the solution. Is that wrong?

Does it mean I have to expect unhappiness, complacency, fear or doubt to try and topple me or do I simply live life without thinking of the worst possible scenario and deal with what comes?

Answers on a postcard please. (I jest!)

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